6Ps eCommerce Intelligence for Manufacturers

Ecommerce and its impact on both online and offline stores is blowing up. However, since it’s easy to access so much information now from a variety of origins, calculating efficiency, attempting to understand which KPIs are crucial, figuring out which activities should be done first, or just where should you begin, can make any person feel way in over their head.

Those at Clavis strive their hardest to make it as simple as they can for manufacturers to both get and realize the observations and examinations that are crucial for boosting online stand work.

Therefore, they made the 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ framework, which is a really strong continuation of the well-known marketing 4Ps, also known as product, place, price, and promotion, which have been fitted to echo the implications of eCommerce. This gives manufacturers the understanding to arrange as well as place eCommerce examinations and behavior first. They’re what will guide eCommerce realization.


Clavis Insight

6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ is recognizable, but a strong foundation for organizing and completing eCommerce analysis and activities prior to everything else since they’re the driving force of eCommerce realization.

Product. Is your inventory correct and are you managing the levels of your inventory in order to make the most of the change?

Placement. Are the items that you have up in each available category that you can be in online and are they higher up than your rival’s?

Price. The pricing method that you use online can be used to search out ways to make the most out of the value of your company, client interaction, and outcomes.


Promotion. When you’re a part of a dynamic pricing climate, are you actually tracking for any channel interruptions when you’re optimizing promotions so that you can make the most out of your sales?

Perfect Page. Are the item pages in every online store perfected accuracy and relevancy wise, taking into account pictures, titles, what’s featured, outlines, etc?

Performance. Are you conquering your part of the research, have the top proxy for interactions, and are converting online and offline sales into profit?