Self-pricing Intelligence Platform for Retailers

Competera Pricing Platform


Competera Pricing Platform empowers retailers with the best-in-class data scraping and product matching for any crawling scenario, as well as powerful competitive analytics. Businesses use our rule-based pricing to capitalize every market opportunity and algorithmic pricing to receive a jump in revenue and predictable sales.

Competera’s products which help retailers increase their revenue are Competitive Data, Price Intelligence, Price Optimization, Price Management and Brand Intelligence.


Competitive Data

Competera provides retailers with high-quality competitive data which is essential for any analytics, automation and optimization system to work correctly and ensure the best results. The platform allows monitoring data collection at all stages while factoring in the business logic and goals of the retailer, as well as the peculiarities of the competitive environment.

With Competera, retailers can:

  • Receive accurate and timely data of any format available on a competitor website with custom collection logic, frequency, and freshness
  • Choose between automatic, manual or hybrid product matches
  • Track delivery and matches


Price Intelligence

Competera’s Pricing Intelligence solution transforms a daily pricing routine into a well-organized and manageable business process and delivers competitive data in a convenient format for retailers to analyze the market and make effective pricing decisions.

With Competera, retailers can:

  • Structure and store competitive data collected from various sources and different providers in one place and a unified format
  • Receive tailored reports accessible through visual dashboards or email and automatic notifications about market changes
  • Use pricing insights and recommendations to craft a winning pricing strategy

Price Management


Competera’s Price Management solution allows retailers to set optimal prices for the whole assortment while taking into account a variety of parameters, including competitors’ activity and seasonality.


With Competera, retailers can:

  • Use an intuitive repricing interface for manual repricing
  • Employ pre-installed and non-standard pricing scenarios
  • Receive price recommendations
  • Benefit from fully automated repricing with prices exported directly to the storefront

Price Optimization


The second brain for retailers, Competera’s Price Optimization solution provides AI-driven price recommendations enabling retailers to formulate optimal prices based on customer behavior, seasonality and competitors’ activity.


With Competera, retailers can:

  • Ensure they have the optimal price positioning
  • Predict the impact of any pricing or promo decision on the whole assortment
  • Accumulate both good and bad experience stored and accessible to any manager
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Switch from routine to strategic tasks
  • Use properly stored and structured data to conduct further ML experiments  

Brand Intelligence


Competera’s Brand Intelligence solution provides an all-in-one platform for Key Account and Brand Managers to protect brand compliance and improve performance indicators.


With Competera, brands can:

  • Pinpoint MAP violations
  • Control unauthorized resellers
  • Identify new sellers
  • Benchmark products
  • Enhance brand analytics
  • Craft the optimal retail price

What Competera Clients Say

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Lisa Turner United Kingdom
Our company uses Competera Price Optimization Software. I can say that it is really simple and effective. Now we can monitor all prices on the market and offer the best one.

Ada Schindler Germany
I can surely say that with help of Competera Pricing Tool we started to sell more products thanks to effective price management. Just imagine that you can track prices of your competitors. It is really powerful!

Paul Levine USA, New York
We have been using many other software for price optimization. But Competera gave us a possibility to move to a new level. Very simple and effective. I recommend!

Nyoman Muljadi Indonesia
Competera team are real professionals. They products are really competitive and powerful. We have middle Online-shop in Indonesia and thanks to Competera Price Optimization Software we could optimize our prices. And now it works automatically.

Mike Accrington USA
It's exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks to Competera, we've just launched our 5th online shop!

Jaquenette B. UK, London
Competera Pricing Tool is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Competera Pricing Tool helped to save my business.