Innovative startups and large companies monitor prices with Minderest

This is the top rival price monitoring platform for both retailers as well as manufacturers.

Minderest is a company that laid the groundwork for price and inventory intelligence for both retailers and manufacturers. Since the beginning, they’ve had the luxury of teaming up with the world’s most revolutionary businesses and startups such as Telefonica, The Nielsen Company, as well as L’Oreal, just to name a few. They’re visible in over 25 countries and have partnered up with customers from more than 15 various zones, so they’ve had a lot of experience. As a result, they’re capable of working on ventures that are of any size and difficulty.

Their primary asset lies in the technology that was created completely by their own group of engineers. This lets them adapt to what their customers’ particular need in order to reach the goals that have been set. Their team consists of 30 specialists that are ready to revamp businesses’ plan of action for pricing and inventory.

They track the price, promotions, and inventory in channels that are and aren’t online. They examine, in actual time, the pricing methods of your rivals and distributors, predict market changes, give notifications, and create reports just for you so you’re always aware of any price or inventory shifts within your zone. You can combine all of this data with the system that you use by utilizing their API that you can personalize.

  1. They offer the top insurance and quality rate of item matching within a market. If you’ve worked with pricing platforms before, then you understand that the most crucial part is the accuracy of an item comparison. Minderest promises to offer the utmost possible accuracy and insurance, even without any EANs or with OEM companies.
  2. With easy handling, effectiveness, and customization properties, the layout of their pricing platform lets anyone within your company work as effectively as possible. The development team is always there if you want to work on creating any operations that your business would need.
  3. They offer customer support from the beginning to the day when everything is up and running. They will always be there for you in order to assist you in reaching your goals.