Integrated pricing and online marketing automation for retailers

This is a SAS (software-as-a-service) platform that lets you raise both your sales and profit by inputting the standard business methods that you use into it and then allowing it to automate both your pricing as well as the marketing for your digital store.

Pricing modules

Omnia gives businesses a comprehensive solution for anything pricing that you require and it dispenses that information via its Omnia PriceWatch module and utilizes progressive platform in order to automate pricing via its Omnia Dynamic Pricing module.

Price watch allows you to make full and precise price comparisons with your rivals. It’ll allow you to save a lot of time on manual tasks while giving you observations about the flow of everything around you.

With dynamic pricing, you’ll be able to automatically better your prices at the stage of the item. This is done with the strong pricing algorithm that’s built on price elasticity with personalizable business standards.

Marketing modules

Adaptable item feed management and Dynamic marketing are formed from omnichannel profits, which assists marketers online by boosting the performance of the marketing campaigns that they have.

The feed manager allows you to simply make, operate, and enhance each item feed all from one, easily adjustable interface, Omnia’s item feed management engine.

Dynamic marketing lets you automatically perfect and establish offers at the stage of the good for marketing channels of your own by utilizing Dynamic Marketing’s refined bidding algorithm.

Performance module

Has there ever been a time where you contemplated how both pricing and digital marketing impact either your sales or your profits, or how it can impact the return you make from ad spend? You can begin to calculate this with the help of Omnia’s Performance Module.

It’s the blend of internal data like the units that are solid or margins, together with the outside data like rival prices or data from digital marketing channels, in order to understand how your company’s doing in its entirety.

Pricing that’s established from price elasticity offers much better outcomes, than when pricing only takes into account business standards.