Omni-Channel Retail Pricing, Promotions, & Assortment

Wiser assists retailers as well as brands with converting gathered omnichannel information into processes that boost profits, lower expenses, and enhance the efficiency of marketing.

It collects as well as examines an enormous amount of data from online stores, marketplaces, physical shops, emails, and social media. By utilizing a one-of-a-kind mixture of data science and human certification, Wiser creates very strong observations and combines them with a roadmap platform in order to push determinable expenses while preserving time, increasing profitability, and empowering the workforce.

Wiser guides choices that are made from data that control merchandising, pricing, trademarking, and the methods of promotion for a few of this planet’s top revolutionary retailers and brands.

This software gathers and then examines both online and brick-and-mortar data in order to offer research that will guide the company’s worth to their customers. Since data science and human certification operate side by side, Wiser provides combined solutions for any facet in retail from a single location.

Finding the platform that’s best for you, comes at the most optimal price, is in the best location, and is available right when you need it is only becoming more and more difficult in the competitive world that we live in today. Wiser’s goal is to just ease up the complicated and often overcoming realm of omnichannel data gathering and examination in order to enhance effectivity and allow for improved strategic choices for the most crucial parts in a retail company.

Market Intelligence

This all-inclusive market intelligence gives businesses a complete outlook of their rivals in regards to pricing, inventory, and promotions.


Companies can automate the gathering of both online and physical store information, the examination, and the roadmap in order to take advantage of favorable situations so that they can better themselves.


Businesses can shield their brands by making sure that both prices and merchandise is observed all throughout the whole reseller system, in the store and online.